LaTèla X Naod

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 Naod vs Nine: An Italian silk twill scarf with hand-rolled edges inspired in collaboration with musical artist Naod.

The Design Story

Ancient cultures have long taught that to achieve wisdom we must reconcile with the duality of our nature. A Native American proverb imparts the story of the two wolves of good and evil that live inside each of us. Chinese culture shares the philosophy of Yin and Yang. Buddhism guides us to find The Middle Way. They all understood that by avoiding absolutes, we can act from a centered place of knowing. The design represents this duality with a mirror image of the number 9, each side representing the opposing viewpoint. But it’s not about which side wins and which side loses. The contrast in the design is a representation of embracing how interdependent and interrelated everything is in the natural world. We are complex beings living in the messy expanse of the human experience and our balance is a moving target not to be found in one extreme or the other. You are both your own worst enemy and your own hero. It can never be any other way.  

100% silk twill 
Dry clean only 
Made in Como, Italy