Our Story



A lifelong artist, LaTèla founder Shannon Di Russo has always seen through a creative lens.  In the tradition of makers, the Jamaican-born, New York-raised designer invariably found expression of her vision through craftsmanship.  After years of inspired work in fashion, design, and art, the need to create something of one’s own had taken root.

LaTèla was conceived during a summer intimately spent in Italy.  Captivated by local culture and connected by way of family, the provocative stay inspired a complete rethinking of style and simplicity.   Inspired by the well-honed craft of local seamstresses, the quality of well-made fabrics, and the quiet elegance of fine details and minimalist essentials, Di Russo felt attuned to something timeless.
Roughly translated as “the canvas,” LaTèla encourages authentic self-expression.  Inspired by Penelope from the Greek myth of La Tela di Penelope (In English “Penelope's Shroud), where she daily weaves and unweaves the same fabric for years, we imbue our offerings with the same spirit of reinvention and reincarnation, reflexive in nature, perpetually becoming and unbecoming, always in metamorphosis.
With a wholehearted focus on our craft, we seek liberation from an obsession with categories and fast-fashion productivity. Our offerings are meant to draw you out to the forefront and meet you wherever you are on the journey of self-discovery.  
Like you, LaTèla is an ongoing project, intended to support you, our artisans, our partners, and free to become of its own accord.  We leave something abstract, open-ended, and left to the imagination. To reveal itself as it takes shape. 
Stay tuned for our latest offerings and revelations.